What is Lawyer Slack?

Lawyer Slack is a private, lawyers-only community composed of hundreds of lawyers across the USA and other common law countries. There are channels dedicated to legal topics such as Criminal, Domestic, In-House, Intellectual Property, & many more. There are also channels dedicated to non-legal topics such as fashion, finance, and pop culture. Over 15,000 messages are exchanged weekly.

Lawyer Slack utilizes the Slack communications platform.

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How To Join

Provide proof of your JD. This should be a link to your entry on your official Bar directory and/or a photo of your license/JD. If you don’t include this I won’t even respond to you.

A short synopsis on who you are, what you do, and where you’re located. Think elevator pitch. This will also be your intro to the group.

A commitment to contribute. If you’re just going to join and never interact, then please don’t take up space from someone who will.

Admission to Lawyer Slack is made on a discretionary basis. Processing time can take up to two weeks. Part of what makes Lawyer Slack such an active community is that it is built on an open, constructive culture. Upon admission, please develop a rapport with people. If something does get heated, keep in mind you’re among friends. If you are caustic or unnecessarily belligerent, you’ll be removed. If your behavior would get you kicked out of a cocktail party, it will get you kicked out of Lawyer Slack.

Lawyer Slack was created and is maintained by Keith Lee. Find out more at: